The lake that lays nearby the park is 68 hectares and has the average depth between 4,5 and 6 meters. It’s mainly surrounded by forests and is a great place to fish a variety of fish species, especially carps. A great deal of the fish population was let into the lake in the 60’s and has their natural mainstay in the area of the lake. For a long period of time it was forbidden to fish here, however in 2006 it was allowed to fish in the lake, because it was officially announced as the place of carp’s fishery. Nowadays one can catch record-breaking carps weighing up to 23 kilograms. We are sure, however, that one can encounter even bigger specimens as many broken fishing sets have been noticed around the area.

In the park’s closest neighborhood there is a complex of forests reaching from the Warta river on the south to Kórnik on the north. In that very strip of forests one can encounter a few big lakes and a plethora of smaller ponds. The aforementioned features are the main reasons of, for example, the occurrence a great number of water birds and forest animals such as hares, badgers, roe deers and wild boars. Directly by the lake one can also notice a plethora of signs of beavers’ occurrence. It’s also not a rare thing to notice many birds of prey such as buzzards or hawks. If one is lucky, one can also see some of these birds on the area of the park in Jeziory Wielkie.