1. One should make a reservation of the residence via electronic mail after having read the regulations regarding the renting.
  2. Having made a reservation is a clear confirmation of accepting the regulations.
  3. The person who makes a reservation is obliged to give following personal details: first and last name, address, phone number, if one represents a company one should also give full details regarding the company including the Tax Identification Number (Polish – NIP). Moreover, the person who makes a reservation should send a confirmation of the reservation.
  4. The person who makes a reservation should pay a non-returnable advance, using the personal details included in the confirmation of the reservation. In case of annulling the reservation the person who made the reservation will not be charged with any payment only after having acquired a written consent of the owner of the residence. In other cases the aforementioned advance becomes property of the owner of the residence.
  5. If the person who makes a reservation (or an entity authorized by that person) does not show up on the appointed date nor does the person pay the whole amount due (based on a separate agreement), it will be equivalent to annulling the reservation on the day when the renting was agreed to start taking place. In such case the Renter (the Owner) is in the right to demand receiving the whole amount due for the renting.


  1. The arrival of the guests (the Occupiers) and their collection of the keys to the residence should take place on a Saturday between the hours 4:00 – 8:00 PM (16:00-20:00).
  2. The departure of the guests and their return of the keys should take place on a Saturday until 10:00 AM.
  3. The parties may agree in writing (also electronically) and set different dates that mentioned in §2 points 1 and 2.
  4. Considering the lack of a reception, the hour of arrival as well as the collection and the return of the keys should be established earlier.
  5. The payment for the stay should be conducted via transferring the whole sum of money to a specified bank account before arriving in the residence.
  6. A VAT invoice may be made out if requested by the Occupier. The prices mentioned in the price list are gross prices which already include 8% VAT.


  1. The number of people staying in the residence cannot exceed the number of 13 (including children). If such an irregularity occurs, such guests (exceeding the number of 13) shall be asked to leave the residence.
  2. Pets are allowed in the residence after having received a permission in writing (also electronically) with the owner.
  3. Smoking in the residence is strictly forbidden.
  4. While leaving the residence one should always close all windows and lock doors as well as switch off all electronic devices including the lights.
  5. All guests staying in the residence are obliged to maintain suitable condition of the rooms so that no damage or losses occur.
  6. The Occupier, after having acknowledged the condition of the rooms, is obliged to return the premises in a condition not deteriorated in any way (except for normal everyday use).
  7. Parking a car is allowed in adequately designated places – using a car on the park’s alleys, except for the access road, is strictly forbidden.
  8. The Renter has the right to terminate the agreement immediately without any notice or any obligation to return any received payment in cases when the Occupier: performs changes in the object of lease, does not obey mentioned Regulations, uses the object of lease inconsistently with its proper use, extremely violates order in the residence, sublets or in any other way extends the terms of lease on a third party allowing them to use the residence.
  9. After having finished the stay the keys to the residence should be returned to an entity authorized by the Renter (the Owner or Mr Tomasz Nawrot).


  1. On the day of arrival the Occupier is obliged to pay a deposit of 1000 zł, which is returned on the day of the Occupier’s departure.
  2. The deposit will be deducted from in cases of, for example, any damage of the equipment of the residence, rooms, property, park, the residence itself or any object belonging to the property.
  3. If, as a result of not obeying the here mentioned Regulations (especially the content of §3), any losses for the Owner occur, that surpass the value of the deposit, the Owner has the right to seek and receive full compensation from the Occupier, who is obliged to fully cover and compensate for any losses or damage that may occur.


  1. Final cleaning of the residence/rooms is included in the price. The Occupier, however, is obliged to leave all the dishes and kitchen equipment cleaned as well as to remove all the trash. These activities are not included in the final cleaning..
  2. Electricity, heating, internet and TV bills are included in the price.
  3. The Occupier is not charged extra for the parking lot.
  4. Towels as well as sheets are paid extra and are made available after having contacted and notified the Renter by the Occupier.
  5. The Occupier is the only entity responsible for any valuables left in the residence.


  1. All Guests staying in the residence/rooms are obliged to obey the rules of social intercourse as well as respect the lights-out period.
  2. There is one set of keys that is made available to the Occupier (keys to the residence, a remote to the main gate).
  3. In case when any part of the set of keys is lost (for example the keys to the residence or the remote control to the main gate) or not returned to the Renter, the Occupier is obliged to pay the amount of 100 zł (for the keys) or 200 zł (for the remote).


All personal details of the Occupiers shall be used only in order to make the reservation of the residence and shall not be made available for any third party.


  1. If cases that are not regulated by here mentioned regulations and agreement occur, they shall be solved by using the regulations of the civil code.
  2. If any contentious issues that may occur based on the content of here mentioned regulations and agreement occur, they shall be solved by court in Poznań.
  3. The Occupier shall take full responsibility for people and objects in the residence and in the park during the aforementioned period based on the content of here mentioned regulations and agreement.