The greatest attraction of the surrounding forests is, in the park’s owner’s humble opinion, an oak called „Dziadziuś” (eng: „Grandpa”) that is located about 2,5 kilometers from Jeziory Wielkie on the cross roads of the forest trails near Doliwiec Leśny (Zaniemyśl commune) and near the shore of the lake Jeziory Małe. The oak’s circumference is about 820 centimeters.
The local legend says that during the times of the polish king Władysław Łokietek, in the shade of the old oak there was supposed to have taken place a war meeting right before the battle of Zaniemyśl against the Teutonic Order, which took place at the end of July 1331. That’s why the oak is also called „royal” or „Piastowski”. It is also known that the oak has taken 6th place in the national competition for the thickest tree of the National Forests of the XXI century.

Dąb Dziadziuś

Going further south down the astonishingly beautiful road we pass the lakes Jeziory Małe and Łękno and we arrive in Zaniemyśl located right by the lake Jezioro Raczyńskich. Besides the town, in which there are located historic churches, undoubtedly a great attraction is the island Wyspa Edwarda. It’s 3,1 hectares and contains a park that has been put in the register of monuments. This is the very island that count Edward Raczyński took a liking to. It used to be called „Grunt” and was supposedly built thanks to the initiative of the governor Stanisław Górka in order to have his treasures hidden there. During the battle against the Teutonic Order it might have been one of the points of defense. Until the beginning of the XIX century the island belonged to the Jaraczewski family whose members who gave it to Edward as a present in 1815. The count was so mesmerized by the place that he decided to build a swiss-styled house there. Moreover, he was also extremely passionate about sea and war art so he decided to have a fleet built for him in order to enjoy real sea battles that would take place on the lake.

Wyspa Edwarda

Nowadays there even exists an event called „The sea battles” which is extremely popular not only among local people but also tourists. The event includes a show of fireworks near the aforementioned island Wyspa Edwarda which was also the place of the count’s suicidal death. It is possible to reach the island by ferry. One can encounter a plethora of old trees such as oaks, alders and ashes.

In Zaniemyśl there are multiple monuments such as st. Wawrzyniec’s Church from the XIX century, which abounds with beautiful mosaics, paintings an extraordinary baptismal font and a tremendous pulpit. By the west wall of the church is located the tomb of count Edward Raczyński.