Heading from Jeziory Wielkie in the north-west direction one will reach Kórnik. The city is famous thanks to a beautiful castle and a park. The castle is dated back to medieval times being renovated in Renaissance, in the XVIII century and in the XIX century so nowadays it is still in fine condition.

Zamek w Kórniku

In the castle there are multiple rooms such as tremendous bedrooms, a museum room and a library. And in the night time the castle and the park is said to be haunted by Teofila Działyńska Szoldrska-Potulicka – called „the White Lady”.
While being in Kórnik it is also vital to visit Prowent – a complex of farming buildings dated back to XVIII and XIX century. Wisława Szymborska, a fine polish poet and a Nobel Prize winner was born in one of the residences located in the complex.

It is also worth to mention Bnin and a museum in Koszuty which are located in the area and are considered as fine historical monuments enabling you to get to know the history of Greater Poland and the region of Kórnik.

Dwór w Koszutach

The aforementioned description mentions merely a small piece of attractions located in Greater Poland,
all of which we kindly welcome you to visit.